Armagh 2008

Armagh Show 
Judge - Mr. Colin Johnston (Islandview Flock)

Armagh1Seamus Mullan with Supreme Champion

Armagh2Thomas Wright with Reserve Champion

Ram, any Age: - 1st W & K Carson, 2nd R.J. Hill, 3rd T. Wright, 4th R.J. Hill.

Ewe, any Age: - 1st T. Wright, 2nd R.J. Hill, 3rd W & K Carson, 4th R.J. Hill, 5th Lamb Bros.

Shearling Ewe: -1st T. Wright, 2nd T, Wright, 3rd W & K Carson, 4th R.J. Hill, 5th R.J. Hill.

Ram, Lamb: - 1st S. Mullan, 2nd S. Mullan, 3rd R.J. Hill, 4th W & K Carson, 5th R.J. Hill.

Ewe, Lamb: - 1st T. Wright, 2nd Lamb Bros, 3rd R.J. Hill, 4th T. Wright, 5th R.J. Hill.

S Mullan (Ram Lamb)
Reserve Champion
T. Wright (Shearling Ewe)