Armagh 2015

Armagh Show Results 2015
Judge:- Mr Robert Coulter, Browndod Flock

armagh2015ChampBen Lamb Owner of the Champion and Reserve Champion, assisted by
Samuel Caldwell. Included is Judge, Robert Coulter

armagh2015 2ndResAndrew Knox with Second Reserve Champion and Judge, Robert Coulter


Ram, any age:- 1st Ben Lamb

Ewe, any age:- 1st Ben Lamb

Shearling ewe:- 1st Ben Lamb

Ram lamb:- 1st Ben Lamb, 2nd Andrew Knox, 3rd Andrew Knox

Ewe lamb:- 1st Andrew Knox, 2nd Ben Lamb, 3rd Ben Lamb, 4th Andrew Knox

Champion:- Ben Lamb (ewe)

Reserve Champion:- Ben Lamb (ram)

Second Reserve Champion:- Andrew Knox (ewe lamb)