Balmoral 2018

Balmoral Show Results 2018 - Balmoral Park, Maze
Judge:- Mrs Karen Hodgson, Marren Flock, Cumbria

balmoral2018 champion
Shane Wilson and Judge Karen Hodgson with the Champion (Senior Ram)

balmoral2018 resCh
Amy McConnell and Judge Karen Hodgson with the Reserve Champion
(ram lamb)

balmoral2018 2ndResCh
Raymond Hill and Judge Karen Hodgson with the Second Reserve to Champion (ewe lamb)


Ram - Shearling or Older:- 1st Shane Wilson

Ewe - over one year old:- 1st Shane Wilson

Shearling Ewe:- 1st J. & C. Robson, 2nd Allister McNeill, 3rd Shane Wilson, 4th Raymond Hill, 5th Raymond Hill, 6th J. & C. Robson

Ram Lamb:- 1st Amy McConnelll, 2nd Allister McNeill, 3rd Raymond Hill, 4th Alistair Moore , 5th Andrew Knox, 6th C, D & J Knox

Ewe Lamb:- 1st Raymond Hill, 2nd Raymond Hill, 3rd Amy McConnell, 4th Amy McConnell, 5th J & C Robson, 6th J & C Robson

Pair of Lambs:- 1st Amy McConnelll, 2nd J & C Robson

Group of Three:- 1st Shane Wilson, 2nd Raymond Hill

Supreme Champion:- Shane Wilson - Senior Ram

Reserve Champion:- Amy McConnell - Ram Lamb

Second Reserve to Champion:- Raymond Hill - Ewe Lamb

balmoral2018 championship
Champions Line Up