40th Annual Show and Sale

Premier sale_1_-_CopySupreme Champion William Carson and son Cameron with Jacqueline Hamilton 
representing Norbrook Pharmaceuticals sponsors for the 40th Annual Premier Dorset sheep sale

Premier sale_2_-_CopyReserve Champion and Best Opposite Sex to Champion, Richard Currie with daughters Katie & Molly
and father John 
with Nick Burrington (Judge) and Jacqueline Hamilton (Norbrook Sponsor)

Downkillybegs Flock Leads the Way at Dorset Sale

William and Karen Carson's Downkillybegs flock was recently judged the winner in the 2012 N.I. Flock Competition and followed this win by producing the Supreme Champion at the N.I. Dorset Clubs 40th Annual Premier Show & Sale, held on Monday 30th July at McClellands Livestock Market, Ballymena. The champion which had earlier headed the line up in the Poll Ram Lamb class is a very smart lamb, sired by Olivertree Nik Nak and is a myomax muscle ram, which means that he carries the gene for 10% extra meat yield. All this ensured that there was keen interest around the ring as he came under the hammer. After hectic bidding he was sold to Welsh breeder Toby Holland for 1550gns to join his flock in Cardigan, West Wales.

Judging in the show ring was in the capable hands of Mr Nick Burrington of the North Covert flock, Exeter, Devon. Nick has produced many show champions around the agricultural show circuit himself, this year with his most recent win at the Royal Welsh last week, winning both Male and Female Champoin and Supreme Champion Dorset and he certainly knew what he was looking for. With several very large classes brought out before him he certainly had his work cut out. After much deliberation, Nick chose the winning pair of ewe lambs as his Reserve Champions, and Best Opposite Sex to the Overall Champion. This attractive pair, produced by Richard Currie, Whitesides Rd, Ballymena were both later sold to English buyers, one selling for 500gns to Karen Mackenzie, Hodgson Farming, Cumbria and the other selling for 380gns to Joe Larder, Byeways Flock, Sandford, Somerset. The Champion Horn Exhibit was again produced by Ben Lamb, Richhill, Armagh, this lamb found a new home, staying in N.Ireland with Aine Devine, Claudy, for 300gns.

The number of Dorset breeders in N.I. has increased greatly over the past few years and to recognise this the club's
committee created a Novice class for the first time. Exhibitors in their first two years of showing were eligible for this class and it was keenly contested. Young breeders Robert and Matthew Coulter, Doagh were the winners and it was a great encouragement to them that their ram lamb was later purchased by Thomas Wright for his Ballytaggart flock for 400gns.

The show classes at this 40th Annual event were once again generously sponsored by Norbrook Pharmaceuticals and the Dorset Club very much appreciate the support given by Norbrook and were delighted to welcome Jacqui Hamilton, Norbrook area representative to present the prizes to the winners. There was an excellent clearance in all sections of the sale, with ram lambs recording a 91% clearance rate, Shearling rams 100%, Ewe lambs 98%, Shearling ewes 87.5%, Senior ewes 86% clearance, which was all the more creditable as there was a 56% increase in entries over the last year, particulary in the ewe lamb class, where there was a very solid trade throughout.

Mr David Rossiter, Chairman of the Dorset Horn & Poll Dorset Sheep Breeders Association travelled to the sale from
Galmpton, Kingsbridge, Devon and noted that once again there was a strong display from the N.I. Dorset Club, demonstrating the strong influence the breed is having in the UK.

Top prices in each of the sections were as follows Ram Lamb W&K Carson, Ballymena 1550gns to Toby Holland, Wales; Thomas Wright, Kilraughts 1000gns to Mark Warnock, Plumbridge; M&C Maybin, Ballymena 700gns & 680gns to R. Shaw Ballymena and D. Nelson, Babridge respectively; J&C Robson, Doagh 500gns to G. Lyons, Dunloy; Thomas Wright, 450gns to A&S Bingham, Ballynahinch, and 450gns to Wm Patterson, Castlederg; Ben Lamb 450gns to G&G Henderson Bushmills; Raymond Hill 420gns to Catherine McAuley, Larne.
Four Shearling rams were offered for sale and all found new homes. Top price of 500gns was paid by Frank Kelly,
Draperstown for one from Thomas Wrights. Next best J.Baird & Son 360gns to Harold Clyde, Broughshane and Thomas Wright 350gns to Garry Rodgers & sons, Dromara.

There was a huge increase in the number of ewe lambs and shearling ewes in the catalogue and again there was a strong trade throughout. In the ewe lamb section a top price of 550gns was paid by Cameron Carson, Ballymena for a ewe lamb from M&C Maybin Ballymena and this was followed by another ten ewe lambs fetching over 350gns each. G. Cubitt 500gns to B. Lamb, Richhill, R. Currie 500gns to B. Lamb, Richhill, R. Currie 500gns to Hodgson Farming, Cumbria, W&K Carson 440gns to Toby Hollands, Wales, G.Cubitt 400gns to J.Wilson, Ballymoney, R. Hill 400gns to Jack Patterson, Ballyclare, R.Currie 380gns to Joe Larder, Somerset, R.Currie 380gns to David Lewis, Wales, Cameron Carson 380gns to Matthew Steenson, Armagh, Laura Weir 370gns to D. Nelson, Banbridge.

Shearling ewes also met with a steady trade. Laura Weir's Lisnafillan flock scooped the highest two prices in this section, the first prize winning shearling ewe selling for 380gns to Toby Holland, Wales who also paid 300gns for another from Laura's pen. Another breeder featuring strongly in the shearling ewe section was G & H Lyons, Dunloy who sold two at 280gns to J. Coleman, Ballymena and N Magee, Rostrevor with a further two at 260gns to D. Hood Claudy and N. Magee, Rostrevor. Thomas Wright, Kilraughts sold two at 250gns to D. Hood Claudy and P. Kelly Draperstown.

Sale averages: 
Ram Lambs - 32 sold - £437 91% clearance ( -80)
Shearling Rams - 4 sold - £391 100% clearance
Ewe Lambs - 143 sold - £243 98% clearance ( -70)
Shearling ewes - 49 sold - £206 87.5% clearance ( -85)
Senior ewes - 6 sold - £183 86% clearance ( -97)

Show & Sale organised by N.I. Dorset Club
Show kindly sponsored by Norbrook Pharmaceuticals.
Auctioneers - JA McClelland & Sons, Ballymena.

The N.I. Dorset Club is holding an inaugural export sale in Hilltown Market on Friday 17th August 2012. This is a first for the club and MSD have kindly agreed to generously sponsor this event, which will include classes for ram lambs and ewe lambs. Judging will commence at 12 noon with the sale following at 1.30pm. For catalogues and further information contact club secretary on 07841 746 705.

Premier sale_3_-_Copy

Best Horn Exhibit Ben Lamb with Nick Burrington (Judge) and
Jacqueline Hamilton (Norbrook Sponsor)

Premier sale_4_-_Copy

Novice Winner Robert Coulter with Nick Burrington (Judge) and
Jacqueline Hamilton (Norbrook Sponsor)



Prizewinners at 40th Annual Premier show & sale.  
Judge Mr Nick Burrington, North Covert flock, Exeter, Devon.

Horn Ram Lamb - 1st Ben Lamb, 2nd Sarah Christie.
Poll Ram Lamb - 1st W. & K. Carson, 2nd Thomas Wright, 3rd Richard Currie, 4th M. & C. Maybin, 5th J. & C. Robson, 6th Raymond Hill, 7th J. & C. Robson, 8th G. & G. Henderson.
Pair of Ram lambs - 1st Thomas Wright, 2nd Raymond Hill.
Shearling Ram - 1st Thomas Wright, 2nd Thomas Wright, 3rd J. Baird & son, 4th J. Baird & son
Horn Ewe Lamb - 1st Ben Lamb, 2nd Ben Lamb, 3rd A. & S. Bingham, 4th A. & S. Bingham, 5th W. & C. Johnston.
Poll Ewe Lamb - 1st Cameron Carson, 2nd Raymond Hill, 3rd Graham Cubitt, 4th Amy McConnell, 5th W. & K. Carson, 6th Richard Currie, 7th Ben Lamb, 8th Samuel Caldwell, 9th Laura Weir.
Pair of Ewe lambs - 1st Richard Currie, 2nd W. & K. Carson, 3rd Ben Lamb, 4th Raymond Hill, 5th Graham Cubitt, 6th Amy McConnell.
Shearling Ewe - 1st Laura Weir, 2nd Angus Fleming, 3rd G. & H. Lyons, 4th G. & H. Lyons, 5th D. & S. Jackson, 6th D. & S. Jackson.
Pair of Shearlings - 1st Thomas Wright, 2nd Angus Fleming.
Senior Ewe - 1st T. & K. Madden, 2nd D. & S. Jackson, 3rd M. & C. Maybin.
Senior Ram - 1st Lowry Bros. 2nd Catherine McAuley.
Novice Breeder - 1st R. & M. Coulter, 2nd Andrew Knox, 3rd D. & J. McConaghie, 4th J. & I. Wilson, 5th R. & M. Coulter, 6th J. & I. Wilson.
Progeny Group - 1st W. & K. Carson, 2nd Graham Cubitt, 3rd Ben Lamb, 4th Laura Weir, 5th Raymond Hill.

Show points - W. & K. Carson
Supreme Champion - W. & K. Carson.
Reserve Champion - R. K. Currie.
Opposite Sex to Champion - R.K. Currie.
Best Horn Exhibit - Ben Lamb

Sponsored by Norbrook Pharmaceuticials.